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Our story began in 1934, when Giovanni's father Bernardino
bought the property.


The Pace estate has its origins in the distant past.

The story began in 1934, when Giovanni's father Bernardino bought the property. Giovanni’s sons Dino and Pietro joined the enterprise in 1996, thus becoming the family’s fourth generation of growers. With them the estate began to change direction and expand; it was their decision to begin bottling wine, while taking great care to choose grapes from the best-suited locations.The vineyards were treated with painstaking care, keeping the environment foremost in mind. Chemical treatments were kept to a strict minimum. The estate favours these autochthonous grape varieties: Barbera, Nebbiolo, Arneis and Favorita, rounding them out with Chardonnay. 

From 10,000 bottles at the beginning, the estate now produces an impressive 80,000 bottles, all the while managing to remain a family-run business and keep the enthusiasm that goes with personal ownership. Recently, the team of Dino and Pietro has been reinforced with the addition of Matteo, Pietro's son. But Tiziana and Franca, Dino’s and Franco’s wives, are also part of the team, along with Maria, their mother.

Another generation is up and coming in the form of Lisa, Stefano and Elia, though they are still at school for the moment. In the meantime, the cellar is being enlarged to make room for additional barrels and to accommodate the increasing number of visitors, all admirers of this unique Roero territory.

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